The admissions process at Gould Farm is caring, attentive and confidential. Our admissions staff guides you every step of the way. We encourage you to call or email for a more comprehensive overview of the admissions process. We are committed to returning your inquiry within 24 hours.

Who comes to gould farm

At Gould Farm, we specialize in treating adults, age 18 or older, living with one or more mental health challenges, including anxiety, bipolar, major depression, schizophrenia, schizoaffective and other challenges.

We believe recovery from mental illness is possible and best achieved when residents are engaged and motivated by their own hopes and aspirations for a healthy and meaningful life.

Success at Gould Farm depends on many factors, but in general, we have found participants gain the most benefit when they are:

  • Interested in increasing their knowledge, understanding and acceptance of their mental illness
  • Willing to take prescribed medication as a tool in their recovery;
  • Interested in engaging in community and relationships with others;
  • Wanting to engage their strengths in meaningful work activities;
  • Comfortable living in a rural setting.

Some applicants may have a co-occurring substance use history. They must have an absence of active abuse, and commitment to sobriety. Individuals should have some self-care skills, and be in reasonable physical health. For a complete list of admissions criteria, please talk with our admissions staff.

Gould Farm is a voluntary program in an open setting, and our residents must be willing and able to participate in group activities. As such we do not accept applicants with one or more of the following:

  • Significant cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s, dementia, intellectual disability);
  • A primary diagnosis of substance use disorder, eating disorder, or some personality disorders;
  • Recent or ongoing violent behavior;
  • Unresolved legal matters;
  • History of arson or sexual offenses.

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We never thought we would be able to afford residential services for our son. We appreciate how Gould Farm was willing to work with us. This is just what he needed.

– June and Paul


Gould Farm is a nonprofit, private pay facility. The daily fee is $350. Thanks to the support of many generous donors, Gould Farm is able to provide some financial assistance to qualifying families.

Our standard program fee is seldom covered by medical insurance. We do encourage you, however, to check with your provider for covered services, especially before you submit your claims for reimbursement. We are unable to directly bill your insurance company.

Here is a helpful handout with links to more insurance parity resources.


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